The airport announced that it required a 1.17MW solar system on the roof of the car park. This is the largest private sector system in this part of the country. The system is expected to 8000 square metres and it is expected that it will bring down the airport’s energy usage and emissions by at least 10%.

The airport’s vision is to be known as a top class business centre in the Asia Pacific region and adding this solar system is part of the airport’s drive to invest in renewable energy. This added system will take the airport’s total solar capacity to 1.28MW complementing the system that exists currently. The airport has already been recognized by the global Airport Carbon Accreditation program and it is reluctant to give up its effort in being known as an environmental visionary and leader. In addition, no government support or aid is being sought for the project costing $2.5million. Work on the ‘system’ will begin in December this year and is expected to be completed by April of next year (2016).

The airport management believes that other businesses will sit up and take notice and may be add solar systems to their business as well. This project is a large and strong step in the direction of the growing popularity of solar power across Australia, irrespective of the industry and households.