Start Solar
Empowering Schools to Clean the Environment

The government has made every effort to ensure that the schools in the country harness the power of solar energy to combat the devastating changes to our climate. Combining Solar and education together will help primary and secondary schools to take action not only to save energy and cut the power bills but also to afford them a great learning opportunity with regard to renewable energy and caring for the environment.

Our experts at Start Solar are keen to give back and help the younger generation of tomorrow learn to care for the environment. Please contact us for more information on which system will be most suitable for your school. We will assign a single point of contact from our team for your school, who will be available to ensure that all your queries are answered promptly and effectively. All our people are experts and committed to providing top class customer service.

Installing a solar power system will enable your school to generate its own electricity, bring down its energy bill and reduce its dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. The excess electricity produced by the system will be fed back to the grid, thereby generating income through the government FIT scheme (if available). In addition, to managing the entire setup of the system, Start Solar will help to set up buyer groups from within the school community – such as teachers, parents, friends of the school and other closely connected groups and give them outstanding discounts and top class service should they want to install solar systems for their homes.

Please contact us today to access clean, affordable solar power that will not only provide electricity to your school but also generate extra income to be used for other much needed equipment.