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Electricity prices and carbon taxes are rising and pose a significant risk for any business. By contacting a solar panel supplier like us, you can reduce the expenditure on electricity substantially and pay off an asset, releasing funds for other business expenses. Since solar energy is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy, it makes good business sense to include it as part of your company’s sustainability endeavour. It is clear that there are many benefits of solar for companies so keep reading for all the solar panel supplier information you need. Our team of experts can help tailor a system for your specific needs.

Polycrystalline vs Monocrystalline Solar Panels  

∙ Best for sunny weather e.g., Hot climate regions etc
∙ More cost efficient
∙ No Bus Bar to balance power, Low Cell efficiency.
∙ 3 Diode Parallel Arranged

∙ Best for cloudy weather e.g., Ireland & UK etc.
∙ Up to 7% greater low light absorption
∙ Advance 3 Bus Bar Technology – produces 5% greater electricity yield.
∙ 3/6 Diodes Parallel Arranged
∙ Higher cell efficiency

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